Brassic. Image shows from L to R: Vinnie (Joe Gilgun), Erin (Michelle Keegan), Dylan (Damien Molony). Copyright: Calamity Films.


Sky One comedy drama about a group of working-class friends. 12 episodes (2 series), 2019 - 2020. Stars Joe Gilgun, Damien Molony, Bronagh Gallagher, Michelle Keegan and others.

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Brassic. Image shows from L to R: JJ (Parth Thakerar), Ash (Aaron Heffernan), Vinnie (Joe Gilgun), Erin (Michelle Keegan), Dylan (Damien Molony), Cardi (Tom Hanson), Tommo (Ryan Sampson). Copyright: Calamity Films.


Comedy drama about a group of young men living in Lancashire

Comedy Drama
2019 - 2020
Sky One
12   (2 series)
Joe Gilgun and Daniel Brocklehurst
Joe Gilgun, Damien Molony, Bronagh Gallagher, Michelle Keegan, Aaron Heffernan, Ryan Sampson, Tom Hanson, Parth Thakerar and others
Daniel Brocklehurst
Daniel O'Hara, Jon Wright and Saul Metzstein
Juliet Charlesworth and Mike Noble

Definition: "Brassic: Broke, penniless, without means, boracic lint - skint, on the bones of yer arse."

Brassic, with its distinct northern flavour, is about a group of working-class friends finding unconventional ways to win at life in northern suburbia.

Vinnie, a Lancashire lad with bipolar disorder, and Dylan, his razor-smart best mate, are inseparable and utterly co-dependant. They've hardly spent a day apart since birth. But Dylan's girlfriend Erin might just shake things up for good with her plans to leave town and start a new life for herself and her kid, Tyler.

Dylan is faced with the impossible decision between a fresh start with the love of his life or staying behind with his inseparable gang of mates that he can't live without. This gang includes: Cardi, champion kebab eater and total liability; Ash, the son of a family of fighting Travellers whose fists can get them out of most kinds of trouble; Tommo, the most sexually liberated man in Britain who doesn't care what people think; and JJ, a sharp entrepreneur who runs a garage (with a lucrative sideline in stolen cars).

These lads have dealt, scammed, bribed and conned their way through adolescence, but now, on the brink of adulthood, their dealing and stealing is catching up with them and a whole load of trouble is heading their way. Like a carefully stacked tower of cards, what happens if one of them is knocked down or, worse, removed from the pack entirely?

Veering between hilarious comedy and heartfelt emotion, Brassic is about irreplaceable, lifelong friends, loyalty and the things that come between them.

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Also known as
  • Brassic 2
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First broadcast
Thursday 22nd August 2019 on Sky One at 2am
Last new broadcast
Thursday 28th May 2020 on Sky One at 10pm
Length of episodes
1 hour
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