Boyle's Law. Detective Vincent Boyle (Sanjeev Bhaskar). Copyright: BBC.

Boyle's Law

BBC Radio 4 sitcom. 1 pilot in 2009. Stars Sanjeev Bhaskar, Anna Chancellor, Nicholas Farrell and Meredith MacNeill.

Boyle's Law

Pilot starring Sanjeev Bhaskar as a tough-talking cop who can't quite bring himself to admit that he is in love with his boss

BBC Radio 4
1 Pilot
Sanjeev Bhaskar, Anna Chancellor, Nicholas Farrell and Meredith MacNeill
Suk Pannu

Attached to a tea mug bearing the legend 'I am the Law', you will find the long arm of Inspector Vincent Boyle - in charge of data storage.

Banned from doing any actual detecting nowadays, he saves his 'catlike' instincts for reading difficult situations amongst workmates and acting as a father figure to his colleagues; including Mountie on secondment Adams, and her boyfriend conspiracy theorist Shankar.

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Tuesday 6th October 2009 on BBC Radio 4 at 11pm
Episode length
30 minutes
Last repeat
Sunday 3rd September 2017 at 11:00pm on Radio 4 Extra