Clash Of The Santas. Image shows from L to R: Colin (Robson Green), Howie (Mark Benton). Copyright: Granada Productions
Clash Of The Santas

Clash Of The Santas

  • TV comedy drama
  • ITV
  • 2008
  • 1 episode

Festive comedy drama starring Robson Green and Mark Benton. Bickering best friends Colin and Howie compete in the World Santa championships. Stars Robson Green, Mark Benton, Nicola Stephenson, Sian Reeves, Ian Puleston-Davies and more.

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Comedy Drama
Robson Green, Mark Benton, Nicola Stephenson, Sian Reeves, Ian Puleston-Davies, Emma Cunniffe, Linzey Cocker, Lee Worswick and more
Jeff Pope and Lewis Macleod
Paul Seed
Chris Carey, Jeff Pope and Saurabh Kakkar

Colin loves Christmas. It's his favourite time of the year. He loves everything about it - the food, the telly, the presents... everything. But most of all he loves Santa and he particularly loves being Santa at his childrens' school.

Meanwhile, Howie hates Santa and thinks it's all a waste of time. His marriage has broken down and he won't get to see his four-year-old daughter on Christmas morning. The whole idea of Christmas just makes him feel sad and lonely - and Santa, with his stupid grin, big red coat and ho ho ho just rubs salt in the wound.

But this year things are different. This year the school don't need Colin to be Santa for the kids - they're doing a PC friendly 'Caribbean Carnival' instead. And at home his eldest son Leyton is trying to convince Liam that Santa doesn't really exist.

This year it's Howie who is dressing up as Santa, first as a last minute replacement in a massive shopping centre grotto and then, as a result of that success, he's asked to represent England at the World Santa Championships in Lithuania.

Colin is gutted but manages to tag along as Howie's supporter. But there's a catch: the only way he can go is if he goes as an elf, a girl elf with bells on his shoes. But embarrassing costumes are the least of Colin's problems.

The Santas of the world are a strange bunch - competitive Aussies, kamikaze Japanese, drunken Welshmen, wrestling Iranians and humourless Germans. To make matters worse, Howie keeps losing, he's letting himself down, letting Colin down, but most importantly letting England down.

Their friendship reaches breaking point, but the biggest threat comes in the shape of the enigmatic Rainbow Santa who, along with his supporters, seems to have a very different attitude to the event - one that places all the Santas, including Colin and Howie, in mortal danger.

If Howie and Colin are to save the day, they've got to patch up their friendship and start working together again. And if they're going to get back home in time for Christmas Howie is going to have to get his faith back in Santa Claus.

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Sunday 21st December 2008 at 9pm on ITV
Episode length
120 minutes
Most recent repeats
  • Friday 26th December 2014 at 8:25am on ITV3
  • Wednesday 24th December 2014 at 10:00pm on ITV3
  • Friday 23rd December 2011 at 9:00pm on ITV3

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