Not Now Darling. Image shows from L to R: Gilbert Bodley (Leslie Phillips), Arnold Crouch (Ray Cooney), Sue Lawson (Barbara Windsor). Copyright: Not Now Films Limited.

Not Now Darling

1973 British comedy film set in a shop. Stars Leslie Phillips, Julie Ege, Bill Fraser, Moira Lister, Derren Nesbitt and others.

Not Now Darling

Cooney farce set in an upmarket furriers, where the proprietor is attempting to woo a new mistress behind her husband's back

Leslie Phillips, Julie Ege, Bill Fraser, Moira Lister, Derren Nesbitt, Joan Sims, Barbara Windsor, Jack Hulbert and others
Ray Cooney and John Chapman
David Croft and Ray Cooney
Peter J. Thompson, Martin C. Schute, Tony Tenser and Marvin Liebman

Gilbert Bodley, the boss of an exclusive West End furriers, has an insatiable appetite for beautiful women. In order to give his latest prospective mistress Janie a gift of an expensive mink without upsetting her husband, Gilbert plots to sell it to him at a massive discount and pay the rest of the £5,000 price tag himself.

However, plans never run as simply as they are supposed to and what appears at first to be a relatively simple transaction quickly turns into a choatic sequence of events, mixing girlfriends, mistresses, husbands, wives, secretaries and the sex life of a rather aged customer!

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