Swap You One Of These For One Of Those. Image shows from L to R: Roger Greasham (Henry McGee), Henry Fairlane (Richard Briers). Copyright: Yorkshire Television.

Swap You One Of These For One Of Those

Swap You One Of These For One Of Those

It seems that Henry Fairlane's life is about to get a bit of excitement when he is invited to a swingers party - but then he loses his wife en route

1 Pilot
Richard Briers, Henry McGee, Jan Waters, John Sharp, Linda Hayden, Susie Baker, Peggy Ann Clifford, Michael O'Hagan and others
Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Ronnie Baxter

After years in a boring marriage and an equally tedious office job, Henry Fairlane is invited to a "special" party by one of his colleagues. He neglects to tell his wife what kind of party it is and is refused admittance when he loses her at Belsize Park Tube station. The night turns out to be even more frustration for Henry, but not for his wife!

Production Details

Part of

The Galton & Simpson Playhouse

Production company
Laugh track
Live audience

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Thursday 24th February 1977 on ITV at 9pm
Episode length
25 minutes

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