Run For Your Wife. Image shows from L to R: Stephanie Smith (Sarah Harding), John Smith (Danny Dyer), Michelle Smith (Denise Van Outen).

Run For Your Wife

Run For Your Wife

Relationship farce written and directed by Ray Cooney, based on his long-running stage play about a bigamist on the brink of being discovered

Danny Dyer, Sarah Harding, Denise Van Outen, Neil Morrissey, Kellie Shirley, Christopher Biggins, Lionel Blair, Nicholas Le Prevost and others
Ray Cooney
Ray Cooney and John Luton
Graham Fowler, James Simpson, Nigel Goldsack, Vicki Michelle, Phil Richards and Phil Taylor

John Smith has been happily involved in a bigamist marriage for five years. He lives with Michelle in Stockwell and Stephanie in Finsbury. Fortunately, for John, he's a Taxi Driver which involves varying shift work! Simple? Well, when the Stockwell and Finsbury police forces discover something suspicious in their paperwork, John's happy bubble is about to be burst.

The action of the movie takes place during the next hectic 24 hours as John with the assistance of his gullible neighbour, Gary, rush between Stockwell and Finsbury attempting to thwart the police and prevent the two loving wives coming face to face!

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