Girls On Top. Image shows from L to R: Amanda Ripley (Dawn French), Candice Valentine (Tracey Ullman), Lady Chloe Carlton (Joan Greenwood), Shelley DuPont (Ruby Wax), Jennifer Marsh (Jennifer Saunders).

Girls On Top

ITV sitcom about a female flat-share. 13 episodes (2 series), 1985 - 1986. Stars Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Ruby Wax, Tracey Ullman and Joan Greenwood.

Girls On Top

Four girls share a flat together in London. Having nothing in common aside from their gender, they barely manage to co-exist

1985 - 1986
13   (2 series)
Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Ruby Wax, Tracey Ullman and Joan Greenwood
Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders and Ruby Wax
Paul Jackson and Ed Bye
Paul Jackson

When militant femenist-marxist Amanda (Dawn French) lands a flat, she realises that she cannot afford the rent without another tenant - enter loud American actress-wannabe Shelly (Ruby Wax) - who promptly comandeers the master bedroom. Also sharing the abode are Amanda's childhood friend - the dopey and infantile Jennifer (Jennifer Saunders) and the flat's previous tenant, Candice (Tracey Ullman) - a brazen tart, thief and hypochondriac. Candice is not present in the second series.

Downstairs, living in her own insane world, is Lady Carlton (Joan Greenwood) - an eccentric romance novelist and the girls' land-lady.

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The theme tune was written and performed by Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford from the British band Squeeze (with the cast singing the theme for the first series, and Tilbrook singing for the second).
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