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The Bob Servant Emails. Bob Servant (Brian Cox). Copyright: BBC.

The Bob Servant Emails

BBC Radio Scotland sitcom. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2010. Stars Brian Cox, Felix Dexter, Laura Solon and Lewis Macleod.

The Bob Servant Emails

Brian Cox stars as a 63-year-old retired man who dusts off his keyboard and takes on internet fraudsters

BBC Radio Scotland
6   (1 series)
Brian Cox, Felix Dexter, Laura Solon and Lewis Macleod
Neil Forsyth
Marilyn Imrie
Owen Bell

Brian Cox stars as a 63-year-old hero for our troubled times.

Bob Servant is born and bred in Dundee and surveys the city as his natural fiefdom. His extraordinary self-belief stems largely from his dominant position in Dundee's notorious Cheeseburger Wars of the early 1980s - a period of riotous appreciation for the traditional American snack that caused madness on the streets and lined Servant's pockets. Now retired, Bob's searching for a new cause to fill his days, and when he starts getting spam emails he finds what he has been looking for. Bob dusts off his keyboard, takes on the fraudsters, and leads them a very merry dance indeed.

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