Nearest And Dearest. Image shows from L to R: Nellie Pledge (Hylda Baker), Eli Pledge (Jimmy Jewel). Copyright: Granada Television.

Nearest And Dearest

ITV sitcom about misfit siblings. 45 episodes (7 series), 1968 - 1973. Stars Hylda Baker, Jimmy Jewel, Joe Gladwin, Madge Hindle and others.

Nearest And Dearest

Sitcom about brother and sister, Eli and Nellie Pledge, forced to run a pickle factory together

1968 - 1973
45   (7 series), plus 1 short special
Vince Powell and Harry Driver
Hylda Baker, Jimmy Jewel, Joe Gladwin, Madge Hindle, Edward Malin and Bert Palmer
Vince Powell, Harry Driver, John Stevenson, Roy Bottomley and Tom Brennand
June Howson and Bill Podmore
Peter Eckersley and Bill Podmore

Colne's finest pickle factory, Pledge's Purer Pickles, falls into the hands of Nellie and Eli Pledge after the death of their father, Joshua. Neither of the previously estranged siblings are that keen on taking on the business but they are forced into partnership by their father's bequest of £20,000 cash, should they keep the factory - and family home - running for at least 5 years.

The pair's second cousin Lily and her dithering octogenarian husband Walter are regular visitors to the Pledge household, alongside factory transport manager Stan and his horse Storm. A factory full of colourful characters complete the ensemble.

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