Cockroaches. Image shows from L to R: Tom (Daniel Lawrence Taylor), Suze (Esther Smith). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.



Romantic comedy set after a nuclear war. Daniel Lawrence Taylor and Esther Smith star. Created by Bad Education's Freddy Syborn

6   (1 series)
Daniel Lawrence Taylor, Esther Smith, Tom Davis, Jessica Emily Rose, Jack Whitehall, Rebecca Humphries, Robert Bathurst, Nigel Planer and others
Freddy Syborn
Ben Taylor
Clelia Mountford, Kenton Allen, Matthew Justice and Josh Cole

Tom and Suze, two nineteen-year-olds both dreaming of the future, have sex when nuclear war strikes. Unfortunately, they then survive. Awkward.

Ten years later, they're wandering the wasteland where England used to be. They're joined by Laura, the child they conceived on the night of the nuclear war.

They end up at a camp of survivors, where it turns out that a lack of food and water is merely the start of their problems.

Cockroaches is a post-apocalyptic comedy about one family trying to survive in a wasteland of cannibals, perverts and one insufferable-ex. Our heroes struggle with boredom, fear and the ethics of cooking with their own body fluids.

It's also about those absurd ideas on which our society is built. Like, how do you decide who's in charge? Do you re-establish the idea of money? What do you teach children? Is Cannibalism really such a bad idea if you're really really hungry?

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First broadcast
Tuesday 13th January 2015 on ITV2 at 10pm
Last new broadcast
Tuesday 17th February 2015 on ITV2 at 10pm
Length of episodes
35 minutes
Last repeat
Thursday 19th February 2015 at 11:15pm