Cockroaches. Image shows from L to R: Tom (Daniel Lawrence Taylor), Suze (Esther Smith). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.


Video Clips

Meet Ash

Jamie Winstone introduces her character, Ash.

From Series 1, Episode 6. Featuring: Jaime Winstone (Ash).

Meet Pete

Rich Hall tells us what it's like to be a sexual deviant in a post a post-apocalyptic world.

From Series 1, Episode 5. Featuring: Rich Hall (Pete Probert).

Cockroaches Bloopers

Here's some mistakes from the show, plus footage of some funky dancing.

Featuring: Daniel Lawrence Taylor (Tom), Jaime Winstone (Ash), Alexander Armstrong (Doctor), Paul Chan (Yamato), Esther Smith (Suze), Tom Davis (Felix), Jessica Emily Rose (Laura), Jack Whitehall (Oscar), Rebecca Humphries (Jennifer), Nigel Planer (Stevie).

Cockroaches on ITV2 : Survival Tip No.1

There are a few tips you should remember if the world is about to end...

Tip 1 : Stop What You're Doing

From Series 1, Episode 1. Featuring: Daniel Lawrence Taylor (Tom), Caroline Quentin (Cathy), Esther Smith (Suze).

Cockroaches: Meet Tom and Suze (Daniel Lawrence Taylor & Esther Smith)

Tom and Suze are just mates until the end of the world happens. Then they get it on and end up surviving. Awkward...

Meet the leads of brand new comedy Cockroaches.

Featuring: Daniel Lawrence Taylor (Tom), Esther Smith (Suze).

Cockroaches: Meet the Prime Minister (Robert Bathurst)

What would become of the Prime Minister in a post apocalyptic world? Robert Bathurst talks about turning crazy on Cockroaches.

Featuring: Rebecca Humphries (Jennifer), Robert Bathurst (Prime Minister).