Cockroaches. Image shows from L to R: Tom (Daniel Lawrence Taylor), Suze (Esther Smith). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.



Cockroaches. Tom (Daniel Lawrence Taylor). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Tom is a childish, cynical, action film addict who's bored by the end of the world.

He's never happier than when he's getting drunk and telling his daughter Laura all about Steven Seagal.

Tom knows he's punching way above his weight with Suze.


Played by: Esther Smith
Cockroaches. Suze (Esther Smith). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

The ever optimist, Suze goes into every situation with an open heart, only to get bewildered and/or annoyed by the insane remnants of civilization.

If at all possible, Suze wants Laura to have a normal childhood (it's not possible). Though she has little to no success at 'improving' him, Suze remains a sucker for Tom.


Played by: Tom Davis
Cockroaches. Felix (Tom Davis). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Felix is a jovial, tattooed, carjacking West Country BFG. He survived the bombs because he was doing something odd in a basement with the Swindon Town first XI.

He is little Laura's best friend, an ardent fan of Tom's and self-?styled sister to Suze.


Cockroaches. Laura (Jessica Emily Rose). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Laura is the child of Tom and Suze. She is having to grow up in a world where the idea of a doll is a skull and chocolate is rather hard to come by.


Played by: Jack Whitehall
Cockroaches. Oscar (Jack Whitehall). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Oscar went to school with Tom and Suze. She and Oscar even went out briefly, much to Tom's disgust.

Oscar's a South London poser-turned-psychopath who will stop at nothing to get Suze back. He speaks in a bizarre patois and went mad a long, long time ago.


Cockroaches. Jennifer (Rebecca Humphries). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Jennifer used to be the Prime Minister's assistant. Now she holds his chain.

Prime Minister

Played by: Robert Bathurst
Cockroaches. Prime Minister (Robert Bathurst). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Shortly after the Nuclear bombs dropped the Prime Minister went insane... not a great start to surviving in a post apocalyptic world.


Played by: Nigel Planer
Cockroaches. Stevie (Nigel Planer). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Stevie was one half of a Scouse children's TV double act, the Giggle Twins. But the 80s were a different time and Stevie's 'old fashioned' jokes are now considered offensive even when told in a wasteland littered with the skeletons of people Stevie's eaten.

Stevie and Felix's bashful will-they-won't-they reforms the cannibal showman.


Played by: Jamie Demetriou
Cockroaches. Randal (Jamie Demetriou). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Randal is one of the people in the camp.