Joe Lycett.

Joe Lycett's Got Your Back

Channel 4 comedy about consumer justice. 6 episodes in 2019. Stars Joe Lycett, Katie Morley and Mark Silcox.

New and in development. Details are liable to change.

Joe Lycett's Got Your Back

Joe Lycett becomes the peoples' champion in a new comedy investigation consumer rights and justice

Channel 4
Joe Lycett, Katie Morley and Mark Silcox
Emily Hudd and Iain Wimbush

Known for his epic escalating battles with officials as he lodges complaints and talks his way out of almost anything, including his now infamous parking fine, Joe Lycett is turning his hand to helping out the great British public with all their consumer complaints.

Consumer expert Katie Morley and tech expert Mark Silcox will join Joe in the studio while secret weapon Ninette will be out and about "testing" a range of advertising claims.

The show covers a range of consumer gripes, featuring stories relating to consumer issues and going undercover in Joe's quest for consumer justice.

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  • The Naughty Step (Working title)