Henning Wehn.

Henning Knows Best

BBC Radio 2 stand-up. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2012. Stars Henning Wehn and Otto Kuhnle.

Henning Knows Best

Henning Wehn delivers his unique views on British life in the form of comedy lectures

BBC Radio 2
6   (1 series)
Henning Wehn and Otto Kuhnle
Henning Wehn, Otto Kuhnle, Kent Valentine and Liam Malone
Paul Russell

Henning Wehn (the self-appointed German Comedy Ambassador to the United Kingdom) has spent over ten years living in the UK and feels he's in a good position to share his views on Britain and its unique foibles. With a tongue sharper than a rapier sword, and searing Teutonic honesty, he shares his thoughts on what it is to be British.

Taking a look at various aspects of British life over the next six weeks - politics, languages, sport, humour, shopping - he begins with the very British subject of class.

Each week he's joined by his musical companion Otto Kuhnle - the Fatherland's foremost Yodelmeister - and a different guest. These will include Andy Hamilton; Laurence Llewelyn Bowen; Graham Taylor; language expert Henry Hitchings and the ex-football mascot and Mayor of Hartlepool Stuart Drummond.

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