The Missing Postman. Clive Peacock (James Bolam).

The Missing Postman

BBC One comedy drama. 2 episodes in 1997. Stars James Bolam and Alison Steadman.

The Missing Postman. Image shows from L to R: Clive Peacock (James Bolam), Christine Peacock (Alison Steadman).

The Missing Postman

Comedy about a postman made redundant, hand-delivering his last collection around Britain by bicycle

Comedy Drama
James Bolam and Alison Steadman
Mark Wallington

Forced to take early retirement, postman Clive Peacock takes a spur of the moment decision to deliver his last mail collection by hand. It is the unlikely start to a summertime bicycle jaunt around Britain and a two-part drama full of comic moments but tinged with poignancy.

Inspired by daydreams of the Pony Express and the characters he meets along the way, one delivery leads to another for Clive. When the press hear of his unauthorised postal round, he becomes a folk hero and everyone dreams of receiving a letter from the man who wouldn't give up his job. However, Detective Sergeant Pitman is not amused, and the chase is on.

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First broadcast
Saturday 29th March 1997 on BBC One at 9pm
Last new broadcast
Sunday 30th March 1997 on BBC One at 9:20pm

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