Dark Ditties Presents
Dark Ditties Presents

Dark Ditties Presents

  • TV comedy drama
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • 2017 - 2021
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

A dark and twisted horror-comedy anthology series with stand-alone episodes that connect in an underlining narrative. Stars Kenneth Cranham, Bruce Jones, Simon Bamford, Stanley Rawlings, Gemma Gordon and more.

  • Episode 5 to follow in 2021
Dark Ditties Presents

Key details

Comedy Drama
2017 - 2021
Amazon Prime Video
6 (1 series)
Kenneth Cranham, Bruce Jones, Simon Bamford, Stanley Rawlings, Gemma Gordon, Mark Wingett and Neil Cole
Gary Smart, Neil Morris and Adam Evans
Adam Evans and Gary Smart
Gary Smart, Neil Morris, Adam Evans, Stuart Conran, Christopher Griffiths, Simon Bamford, Antony Keen and Danny Stewart

Dark Ditties taps into the devilish twists of the great Ealing thrillers, the who-done-it, that flourished in the glory years of British film and adds a wicked modern horror comedy gloss that leads the audience to invest in each satisfying episode.

Producers say: "At the heart of each unique but interlaced Ditty is the importance of rich dialogue, characters that are at once endearing and loathsome in their naked humanity, steeped in frailties that are just waiting to be exploited in cunningly wicked twists that leave the audience open mouthed with delight.

"The Dark Ditties Universe is a unique, quirky horror-comedy anthology series of 45-90 minute episodes that run counter to the trend of narrative behemoths, catering to the growing trend of start to end stories that leave the viewer satiated on each showing and eagerly awaiting the next sitting. Each episode nods to the last and winks at the one to come, offering subtle character links and streams that meander towards common tributaries for us all to spot and take pleasure in."

Additional details

Camera set-up
Single camera

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Sunday 1st October 2017 on Amazon Prime Video
Last new broadcast
Monday 30th November 2020 on Amazon Prime Video

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