The Message

BBC Three sketch show about TV. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2006. Stars Johnny Daukes.

The Message

A comedy show that presents an absurd view of the state of modern broadcasting

Sketch Show
BBC Three
6   (1 series)
Johnny Daukes
Johnny Daukes
Johnny Daukes
Johnny Daukes, Ben Quinn and Dan Nathan
Johnny Daukes

Created by Johnny Daukes (he writes, acts, directs, edits, produces), The Message is the television extension of his earlier Radio 4 comedy spoof Radio 9.

The Message is a TV channel where the programmes have been sidelined by the branding and where features are constantly interrupted by a relentless barrage of commercials, promo's, channel id's, testimonials and catch-ups. Moments after a programme has begun, promotional messages cut in for inappropriate products and services that would never see the light of day on conventional TV.

In the same spoofing spirit as Broken News, KYTV and The Day Today, this show takes a swipe at the tasteless and excessive nature of television. Perennials such as period dramas, cop serials and 'extreme' expeditions are sent up too. Big laughs come from the Channel initiatives like the list-show 'The Nation's Favourite Massacre', a fund-raising campaign to 'Kick Poverty Out of Football' and a show that aims to discover just what are 'Britain's Favourite Passwords'.

Production Details

Production company
Original music by Tristin Norwell and Nick Green. Songs and title music by Johnny Daukes.
Laugh track

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Saturday 20th May 2006 on BBC Three at 10:40pm
Last new broadcast
Saturday 24th June 2006 on BBC Three at 10:40pm
Length of episodes
30 minutes

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