Just Like A Woman. Scilla McKenzie (Wendy Craig)
Just Like A Woman

Just Like A Woman (1967)

  • 1967 film

Swinging sixties comedy about a married couple working in television together, whose relationship seems to be falling apart. Stars Wendy Craig, Francis Matthews, John Wood, Dennis Price, Peter Jones and more.

Just Like A Woman. Image shows from L to R: Scilla McKenzie (Wendy Craig), Lewis McKenzie (Francis Matthews)

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Wendy Craig, Francis Matthews, John Wood, Dennis Price, Peter Jones, Miriam Karlin, Clive Dunn, Ray Barrett and more
Robert Fuest
Robert Fuest
Bob Kellett

Lewis and Scilla McKenzie have one small problem with their marriage: it has stopped working. The fact that she sings on the television show that he produces does nothing to help matters. It only persuades her to leave him - and the show - the night before it goes on the air.

Scilla goes to the home of a purely platonic friend, John, who lives in a large house converted into flatlets. However, while Scilla feels that she can put up with anything, she refuses to share her lockless bathroom with the other inmates and in the middle of the night sneaks out to the public "ladies" nearby. When she gets herself locked in, John is again forced to rescue her - this time in his pyjamas.

Meanwhile, Lewis is trying to prepare his show without Scilla, against appalling odds that include a foreign juggler whe speaks no English and a very strange pop singer called Elijah Stark. The show is a disaster and a starlet Lewis picks up as consolation is frightened off by Scilla, who has returned to her old home for a luxurious bath. As a result, Lewis indulges in a bout of monumental drinking and his hangover the next morning is considerably aggravated by the sarcasm of his secretary and the argument he has with Saul Alexander, the programme controller for Light Entertainment.

Scilla, meanwhile, is now determined to invest her life savings in building a home of her own - with a bathroom big enough to entertain in!

Discovering an eccentric German architect, Graf von Fischer, Scilla is delighted when he agrees to design for her after an interview in his office, where he is guarded and attended by adoring slave-cum-secretary Isolde. The next stop is a bath showroom run by an elegant salesman who permits her to view his current "collection".

In due course Scilla's dream becomes reality and her home, constructed in the middle of a cow field, is ready. Delighted with the new space, she lies down in her brand new bathtub for the first time, but quickly finds herself sobbing - it's not what she really wants after all.

In truth, neither Scilla nor Lewis is truly happy without the other and when Lewis meets John at a night club he anxiously suggests a party in the hope of meeting Scilla again. The plan goes off a week later and has its intended effect, but the night proves a painful experience for Lewis as he gets involved in rescuing Scilla from the amorous advances of a burly Australian drunk.

But at last... they walk dreamily off, hand in hand, into the misty dawn, Together again - for the time being, anyway.

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Additional details

UK certificate
99 minutes
UK release
Sunday 26th February 1967

Monarch Films

Camera set-up
Single camera
Music by Kenny Napper.

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Recording details

  • Isleworth Studios

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