Holiday Camp. Sq. Ldr. Hardwick (Dennis Price). Copyright: Gainsborough Pictures 1928 Limited

Dennis Price was an English actor.

Year Production Role
1988 The Goon Show - Overseas Episodes
  1. Special - Robin Hood
Prince John
1973 Theatre Of Blood Hector Snipe
1972 Clochemerle
  1. E7 - The Inexorable Power Of The Third Republic
  2. E9 - The Glorious Triumph Of Barthelemy Piechut
Alexis Luvelat
1972 That's Your Funeral Eugene Soul
1970 The Rise And Rise Of Michael Rimmer Fairburn
1969 The Magic Christian Winthrop
1969 Cribbins - Series 1
  1. E5 - Episode Five
1969 Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width - Series 3
  1. E2 - Situations Vacant - Apply Savile Row
1968 The Gold Watch Club Edward Wilkins
1967 P.G. Wodehouse's The World Of Wooster - Series 3 Jeeves
1967 Just Like A Woman Bathroom Salesman
1967 Jules Verne's Rocket To The Moon The Duke of Barset
1966 P.G. Wodehouse's The World Of Wooster - Series 2
View episodes
  1. E1 - Jeeves And The Delayed Exit Of Claude And Eustace
1965 P.G. Wodehouse's The World Of Wooster - Series 1 Jeeves
1965 Kind Hearts And Coronets Louis D'Ascoyne Mazzini
1963 The Wrong Arm Of The Law Educated Ernest
1963 The Cracksman Grantley
1963 Hancock
  1. E4 - The Girl
Doctor Grayne
1962 Go To Blazes Withers
1961 Watch It, Sailor! Lt. Cmdr. Hardcastle
1961 What A Carve Up Guy Broughton
1961 Colonel Trumper's Private War
View episodes
  1. E1 - Operation Lubenski
  2. E2 - The Spy School
  3. E3 - A Phoney Marks Time
  4. E4 - Factory Saboteurs
  5. E5 - Episode Five
Colonel Basil Trumper
1961 It's A Deal
View episodes
  1. E13 - Episode Thirteen
1961 The Rebel Jim Smith
1961 Double Bunk Watson
1960 The Pure Hell Of St. Trinian's Gore Blackwood
1960 Ladies And Gentle-Men Various
1960 School For Scoundrels Dunstan
1960 The Millionairess Doctor Adrian Bland
1959 I'm All Right Jack (as Denis Price) Bertram Tracepurcel
1959 The Navy Lark - Series 1
View episodes
  1. E1 - The Missing Jeep
  2. E2 - Operation Fag End
Lt Cdr Price (Number One)
1957 The Naked Truth Nigel Dennis
1956 A Touch Of The Sun Digby Hatchard
1956 Private's Progress Brig. Bertram Tracepurcel
1955 Oh... Rosalinda!! Major Frank of the British Army
1954 For Better, For Worse Debenham
1954 Happy Holiday Major Denzil Pierce
1952 Lady Godiva Rides Again Simon Abbott
1952 Song Of Paris Matthew Ibbetson
1949 Kind Hearts And Coronets Louis Mazzini
1949 Kind Hearts And Coronets Mazzini's Father
1949 Helter Skelter Self
1948 Easy Money Joe Henty
1947 Holiday Camp Sq. Ldr. Hardwick
1944 A Canterbury Tale Peter Gibbs

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Wednesday 23rd June 1915
Saturday 6th October 1973 (aged 58)
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