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Private's Progress. Pte. Stanley Windrush (Ian Carmichael). Copyright: Charter Film Productions.

Private's Progress

Private's Progress. Image shows from L to R: Pte. Stanley Windrush (Ian Carmichael), Major Hitchcock (Terry-Thomas). Copyright: Charter Film Productions.

Private's Progress

Film starring Ian Carmichael as a young undergraduate who is conscripted into the British Army

Richard Attenborough, Dennis Price, Terry-Thomas, Ian Carmichael, Peter Jones, William Hartnell, Thorley Walters, Jill Adams and others
Frank Harvey and John Boulting
John Boulting
Roy Boulting

It's 1942 and in the middle of his studies, Stanley Windrush is called up to join the forces. Of a respectable family, he's naturally assumed to be Officer material, but quickly proves to be a particularly feckless new recruit and soon flunks out of the officer training course and is stationed as a regular Private at a quiet camp where he can be of no bother.

There, Windrush befriends a fellow Private, crafty layabout Cox. It's not long before the pair are drafted into a division under the command of Brigadier Tracepurcel, Stanley's uncle, who's planning a daring raid far behind enemy lines to liberate a hoard of precious works of art and treasures that've been confiscated by the Nazis.

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