Thorley Walters

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Thorley Walters is an actor.

Known for


Year Production Role
1982 Shelley - Series 4
  1. E4 - Credit Where Credit's Due
Bank Manager
1980 The Wildcats Of St. Trinian's Hugo Culpepper-Brown
1971 A.P. Herbert's 'Misleading Cases' - Series 3 Sir Joshua Hoot, QC
1969 Cribbins - Series 1
  1. E2 - Episode Two
1969 Father, Dear Father - Series 2
  1. E1 - Unhappy Birthday
Dr Peter Fraser
1968 A.P. Herbert's 'Misleading Cases' - Series 2 Sir Joshua Hoot, QC
1967 A.P. Herbert's 'Misleading Cases' - Series 1 Sir Joshua Hoot, QC
1965 Man With A Mission Actor
1960 The Pure Hell Of St. Trinian's Butters
1960 Two Way Stretch Col. Parkright
1957 Blue Murder At St. Trinian's Major
1956 Private's Progress Captain Bootle

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