Angry Kid

BBC Three and Channel 4 sitcom about a rude child. 51 episodes (2 series), 1999 - 2004.

Angry Kid

Relentless, idiotic and frequently stubborn, Angry Kid is a young brat with a serious attitude problem

1999 - 2004
BBC Three, Channel 4
51   (2 series)

He's childish, arrogant and a real pain to his parents, not to mention his unfortunate friend 'Specky' and his poor, poor sister.

Angry Kid is the creation of director Darren Walsh of Aardman. It uses an animation process called 'pixellation', in which a human actor is used as a 3D puppet, literally moving a fraction at a time for each frame of film. Darren also uses 400 face masks to create Angry Kid's individual and repugnant expressions.

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