Dad's Army. Captain Mainwaring (Arthur Lowe).

Dad's Army - The Lost Episodes

Gold sitcom remaking lost Dad's Army episodes. 3 episodes (1 series) in 2019. Stars Kevin McNally, Robert Bathurst, Bernard Cribbins, Kevin Eldon and others.

To air in the Summer.
Recording at Pinewood Studios. Tickets

Dad's Army - The Lost Episodes. Image shows from L to R: Sergeant Wilson (Robert Bathurst), Captain Mainwaring (Kevin McNally), Private Godfrey (Bernard Cribbins).

Dad's Army - The Lost Episodes

Remakes of three original, now lost, Dad's Army episodes

3   (1 series)
Kevin McNally, Robert Bathurst, Bernard Cribbins, Kevin Eldon, Mathew Horne, David Hayman and Tom Rosenthal
Jimmy Perry and David Croft
Ben Kellett
Ben Kellett

Gold recreates three episodes of Dad's Army that haven't been seen on television since they were first broadcast in 1969.

UKTV plans to air the The Lost Episodes, from the second series of Dad's Army, in 2019, fifty years since they were first broadcast.

The BBC routinely reused tapes after broadcast from 1967 - 1978 and three episodes from series two of the wartime comedy, The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Walker, A Stripe For Frazer and Under Fire, were all seemingly either destroyed or reused as they have never been found.

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