A Hole Lot Of Trouble. Image shows from L to R: Percy (Victor Maddern), Mr. Whitehouse (Arthur Lowe).

A Hole Lot Of Trouble

A Hole Lot Of Trouble. Image shows from L to R: Digby (Brian Weske), Percy (Victor Maddern), Bill (Bill Maynard).

A Hole Lot Of Trouble

Half-hour comedy short centring around workmen digging a hole

Francis A Searle
Arthur Lowe, Victor Maddern, Tim Barrett, Bill Maynard, Ken Parry, Leslie Dwyer, Benny Lee, Brian Weske and others
Ian Flintoff
Francis A Searle
Francis A Searle and John Hogarth

A trio of workshy labourers arrive to dig a hole in a quiet suburban street in order to lay a new power cable to a local address.

Much to the consternation of Mr. Whitehouse, their manager - who turns up for an unannounced inspection shortly thereafter - they appear to be digging in the wrong place. At least 25 feet off, if his calculations are correct.

Whilst they argue, locals gather round to spectate and offer advice, whilst local café proprietor Benny tries to make the most of the potential business now accumulating on the pavement.

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