Walter. Image shows from L to R: CS Charles Addison (Harry Hadden-Paton), DC Anne Hopkins (Alexandra Roach), DI Walter Gambon (Adrian Dunbar), DS Mark Minorsky (Kayvan Novak). Copyright: ITV Studios.



Comedy drama pilot about a world-weary father who is also a detective

Comedy Drama
1 Pilot
Kevin Lygo
Adrian Dunbar, Alexandra Roach, Kayvan Novak, Harry Hadden-Paton, Madison Lygo, Chris Brailsford, Felix Scott, Daniel Copeland and others
Kevin Lygo
Damon Thomas
Catherine Gosling Fuller

Comedy drama starring Adrian Dunbar as DI Walter Gambon: world-weary detective and father to teenage daughter Lily who keeps him on his toes.

Walter is a great detective but he hasn't quite embraced the technological revolution. He is also facing imminent bankruptcy.

In the pilot episode, the appointment of a new Chief Superintendent - Addison (young, fast-tracked and therefore not entirely street-wise) - coincides with the dramatic death of a serving detective, Dick Romney. Walter is tasked with taking over the dead officer's cases and trying to track down an undercover officer, apparently lost and alone deep within a hardened drugs gang.

Walter struggles to manage his time between trying to keep the financial wolves from the door and the urgent case he's been put on. DC Anne Hopkins - young, bright, tough and a little bit clumsy - helps Walter to solve his case, when she's not being distracted by the incredibly good-looking yet disappointingly thick DS Mark Minorsky. The pair manage to track down the location of the gang, and after a frustrating but ultimately fruitful interrogation of a Greek drug lord are put on the correct course to discover what really happened between DI Romney and his undercover.

Walter is credited as being written by Ruby Solomon, but this has been revealed as a pseudonym for Kevin Lygo... who is an executive at ITV. Story

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Laugh track

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First broadcast
Friday 8th August 2014 on BBC One at 9pm
Episode length
1 hour