Mister Ten Per Cent. Image shows from L to R: Percy Pointer (Charlie Drake), Tony (Derek Nimmo). Copyright: STUDIOCANAL
Mister Ten Per Cent

Mister Ten Per Cent

  • 1967 film

A deluded aspiring writer has his first play produced in the West End by a theatrical patron keen to back a loss for tax reasons. Stars Charlie Drake, George Baker, Derek Nimmo, John Le Mesurier, Annette Andre and more.

Mister Ten Per Cent. Image shows from L to R: Alice Payne, 'Lady Dorothea' - Later (Play) (Una Stubbs), Peter Cunnington, 'Lord Edward' (Play) (George Baker), Angela Sells, 'Lady Dorothea' - at First (Play) (Joyce Blair), Percy Pointer (Charlie Drake). Copyright: STUDIOCANAL

Key details

Charlie Drake, George Baker, Derek Nimmo, John Le Mesurier, Annette Andre, Una Stubbs, Percy Herbert, Wanda Ventham and more
Norman Hudis, Charlie Drake and Mira Avrech
Peter Graham Scott
W. A. Whittaker

Percy Pointer, a construction worker who spends his days atop the latest City skyscrapers, fancies himself quite the creative, switching by night to writing works he imagines will rival Shakespeare; fantasising of himself as the dashing leading man in the latest romance; and attending the theatre, ballet and opera with enthusiasm.

Meanwhile in the West End, a wealthy patron of the arts finds his run of successful productions are causing him hefty tax bills and capital gains complications amidst his other business interests. Turning to his friend and producer, theatrical manager Jocelyn Macauley, he outlines his accountants' advice: to offset his burgeoning profits by producing a real stinker of a piece to a hefty financial loss - and Jocelyn thinks he may have just the manuscript for the job: Oh, My Lord, by one Percy Pointer...

Rehearsals are soon under way, but the cast is near universally horrified and perplexed by the script. Percy attends daily, keeping a keen eye on events and making continuous notes, but refuses to okay any possible changes. As the company do their best to get to grips with the piece, Pointer finds himself wooed by a series of associates, from an American agent to business manager, and one-by-one agrees to engage their services - for a mere 10% of his profits, of course.

Ahead of its London residency, the play is sent out for a somewhat less high-profile opening run in Bournemouth. To the company's surprise, critics and public alike are united in their adoration for the piece; but to Percy's horror, it is not appreciated as the serious drama he penned, but an uproarious comedy.

Similarly aghast when he is advised he has now signed away 110% of his income, Percy is at a loose end - but a short tour before the West End opening offers him the perfect opportunity to take on some odd jobs, and work on a campaign of sabotage...

Additional details

UK certificate
87 minutes
UK release
March 1967


Camera set-up
Single camera

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  • Associated British Elstree Studios

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