Bradley Walsh.

The World According To Harry Priest

BBC Radio 2 sitcom pilot starring Bradley Walsh. 1 pilot in 2018. Stars Bradley Walsh, Kerry Howard, Tom Stourton, Sherrie Hewson and Rebecca Humphries.

The World According To Harry Priest

Bradley Walsh stars as a man who is wound up by many things

BBC Radio 2
1 Pilot
Bradley Walsh, Kerry Howard, Tom Stourton, Sherrie Hewson and Rebecca Humphries
Neil Webster
Sam Michell

There's nothing Harry Priest likes better than rules. Rules help keep life bearable, especially if life has dealt you a bad hand, like it has to Harry.

After losing his job and his wife, Harry Priest has managed to get himself signed off as long-term sick. He's not a scrounger, mind - he just believes he spent his life contributing to the state so he's due some compensation, and anyway he's not about to retrain as a DIY store 'helper'. Luckily Harry has enough to keep him occupied: living with him are his mother-in-law Genie (permanently drunk whilst claiming to be six years sober), eldest daughter Nicola and her fiancée Gaz (trying for a baby) and youngest daughter Julia and her new boyfriend Jamie, just returned from university.

They can all stay there as long as they abide by Harry's 'rules' - tricky as Harry keeps making up new ones.

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Part of

Radio 2's Comedy Showcase

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Monday 30th April 2018 on BBC Radio 2 at 10pm
Episode length
30 minutes