Games That Lovers Play. Fanny Hill (Joanna Lumley). Copyright: Border Films.

Games That Lovers Play

Games That Lovers Play. Image shows from L to R: Constance Chatterley (Penny Brahms), Fanny Hill (Joanna Lumley). Copyright: Border Films.

Games That Lovers Play

Sex comedy starring Joanna Lumley, Richard Wattis, Penny Brahms and Jeremy Lloyd

Joanna Lumley, Richard Wattis, Penny Brahms, Jeremy Lloyd, Diane Hart, Nan Munro, John Gatrell, Charles Cullum and others
Malcolm Leigh
Malcolm Leigh
Judith Smith and Olive Negus-Fancey

It's the roaring twenties and, having spotted a rival scouting for girls on her patch, Belgravia brothel madame Mrs. Hill challenges the esteemed Lady Evelyn Chatterley to a wager.

Having argued over who runs the classier, more successful establishment, the pair bet £1,000 that their respective star girl can seduce an "impossible" subject: Lady Evelyn's star - her niece, Constance - must be photographed with a Catholic bishop; whilst the best of Mrs. Hill's girls - her daughter, Fanny - is tasked with being pictured alongside a raging homosexual transvestite.

However, when both girls manage to bed their prey at the same time, further evidence to settle the wager is called for. The two scheming madames select a name at random from the telephone directory, and whoever beds him - or her - first will win outright.

The lucky stranger? Mild-mannered, middle-aged, upmarket wine merchant, Mr. Lothran. The girls may have to raise their game...

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