Death On The Tyne. Image shows from L to R: Gemma (Sian Gibson), Terry (Johnny Vegas).

Death On The Tyne

Gold comedy drama sequel starring Johnny Vegas and Sian Gibson. 1 episode in 2018. Stars Johnny Vegas, Sian Gibson, Sue Johnston, Sheila Reid and others.

Death On The Tyne. Image shows from L to R: Mildred (Sheila Reid), Hilda (Georgie Glen), Colleen (Sue Johnston), Gemma (Sian Gibson), Terry (Johnny Vegas), Captain Jack (James Fleet), Tracy (Taj Atwal), Denise (Felicity Montagu), DJ Bobby (David Mumeni), Alan (Don Gilet), Justin Valentine (Tony Gardner), Emily (Doon Mackichan), Janus (Jason Cook).

Death On The Tyne

A sequel to Murder On The Blackpool Express, starring Johnny Vegas, Sian Gibson and guest stars

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Comedy Drama
Johnny Vegas, Sian Gibson, Sue Johnston, Sheila Reid, Georgie Glen, Tony Gardner, David Mumeni, Doon Mackichan and others
Jason Cook
Ed Bye
Catherine Gosling Fuller and Mollie Freedman Berthoud

Two hour comedy drama sequel to Murder On The Blackpool Express.

Terry and Gemma promise to take Mildred and her care home friends, including Hilda and Colleen on an Amsterdam cruise adventure across the Tyne.

They're welcomed aboard the Empress of the Tyne by ageing lothario Captain Jack and his motley crew - Cruise Director Denise, First Officer Justin Valentine, DJ Bobby, ex-pianist Alan, barmaid Tracy and self-obsessed cabaret singer Emily. It's not long before things start to go awry in the most puzzling mystery the Tyne has ever seen.

Production Details

Part of

Draper's Tours mysteries

Production company
Laugh track

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Saturday 15th December 2018 on Gold at 9pm
Episode length
120 minutes
Last repeat
Monday 30th December 2019 at 9:00pm

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