The Skewer. Credit: Unusual Productions
The Skewer

The Skewer

  • Radio sketch show
  • BBC Radio 4
  • 2019 - 2024
  • 89 episodes (11 series)

Topical comedy show from Jon Holmes using Radiophonic Workshop sounds.

The Skewer. Credit: Unusual Productions

Key details

Sketch Show
2019 - 2024
BBC Radio 4
89 (1 pilot + 11 series)
Jon Holmes
Jon Holmes, Phil Lindsey, Paul Kearney, Davian Dent, Mugger Harris, Dave Wol, Ash Williamson, Tony Churnside and more
Jon Holmes

An open-door topical show from the mind of broadcaster, producer and audio-fiddler Jon Holmes of Listen Against and The Now Show - with digital consultancy and audio support from the Technical Director of the relaunched Radiophonic Workshop. It's also a radio comedy access point for a new generation of satirists who don't write sketches, jokes and one liners, but instead channel their talents into playing around with sound.

Sketch-writing has long been the way into radio comedy but, for the new generation of satirists who don't put pen to paper and instead beaver away on laptops using self-taught skills to toy with the news-scape, The Skewer, with it's guerrilla approach to satire, is their new playground - bringing diverse voices together with soundscaping from a gardener, a call-centre worker and a supermarket delivery driver.

The sounds of The Skewer have been designed to be enhanced through headphones, attaching you to a late night drip of current events as they melt into your brain, evoking that feeling of drifting off but with the occasional uncomfortable sleep-twitch, as though you've accidentally stepped off a kerb.

Freeform, dreamlike, curious, scathing, The Skewer is the home of the new news jokers.


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Also known as
  • The Halloween Skewer

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First broadcast
Thursday 4th April 2019 at 11pm on BBC Radio 4
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