The Skewer.

The Skewer

BBC Radio 4 sketch show from Jon Holmes. 40 episodes (pilot + 5 series), 2019 - 2021. Stars Jon Holmes.

Returns Wednesday 3rd November at 11:15pm. Episode Guide

Press Clippings

Don't miss The Skewer, one of this year's best podcasts

Escape if you can - but don't miss one of 2021's finest shows.

Patricia Nicol, The Sunday Times, 18th July 2021

The Skewer wins gold at Audio & Radio Industry Awards

Satirical comedy show The Skewer has won the gold award at the Audio & Radio Industry Awards 2021.

British Comedy Guide, 26th May 2021

Comedies nominated in Audio & Radio Industry Awards

The nominees for the Audio & Radio Industry Awards 2021 (ARIAS) include The Musical Life Of..., Sketchtopia, The Skewer, Jason Manford and the podcasts Alan Partridge: From The Oasthouse and Kim Noble: Futile Attempts (At Surviving Tomorrow).

British Comedy Guide, 21st April 2021

The Skewer wins at BBC Audio Awards

The Skewer, The Musical Life Of..., David Threlfall, Christopher Douglas and Fraser Ayres were amongst the comedy-related winners in the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2021.

British Comedy Guide, 26th March 2021

Radio 4 comedies nominated in BBC Audio Awards 2020

Various Radio 4 comedies have been nominated in the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2020.

British Comedy Guide, 8th January 2021

How to write for Radio 4 show The Skewer

Jon Holmes's extraordinary Radio 4 show The Skewer is back - and, as he explains in this interview, he's always on the lookout for new ideas and new writers. This feature included details on what they're looking for, and how to submit.

British Comedy Guide, 29th September 2020

Chortle Awards 2020 nominees

Bob Mortimer, Greg Davies, Katherine Ryan, Romesh Ranganathan and Tom Allen are amongst the nominees for the Chortle Awards 2020. Jonny Pelham, Jessica Fostekew and Catherine Cohen have two nods.

British Comedy Guide, 27th February 2020

The Skewer was slippery and directionless, with lots of woozily spliced together archive sounds and incongruous topical news clips put together to make people sound silly, but without real bite. It felt disappointingly safe.

Charlotte Runcie, The Telegraph, 26th February 2020

Comedies shortlisted for BBC Audio Awards 2020

Giles Wemmbley-Hogg Goes Off, Mark Steel's In Town, Phil Ellis Is Trying, Phil Wang: Wangsplaining and Suggs: Love Letters To London are amongst the nominees in the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2020.

British Comedy Guide, 19th November 2019