Lunch Monkeys. Image shows from L to R: Kenny Graham (Christian Foster), Tania MacGuire (Jessica Hall), Asif Khan (Abdullah Afzal), Shelley Benson (Rachel Rae), Darrel Wadsworth (Chris Hannon). Copyright: BBC.

Lunch Monkeys

BBC Three sitcom about lowly office workers. 13 episodes (pilot + 2 series), 2008 - 2011. Stars Abdullah Afzal, Chris Hannon, Christian Foster, Jessica Hall and others.

Lunch Monkeys. Image shows from L to R: Kenny Graham (Christian Foster), Lee Ann Brown (Camilla Beeput), Tania MacGuire (Jessica Hall), Charlie Brierson (Steve John Shepherd), Asif Khan (Abdullah Afzal), Mike Cranford (Nigel Havers), Shelley Benson (Rachel Rae), Darrel Wadsworth (Chris Hannon), Gloria Stevens (Sian Reeves). Copyright: BBC.

Lunch Monkeys

Sitcom about the misadventures of an admin team at a 'no win no fee' law firm in Manchester

2008 - 2011
BBC Three
13   (1 pilot + 2 series)
Abdullah Afzal, Chris Hannon, Christian Foster, Jessica Hall, Rachel Rae, Sian Reeves, Nigel Havers and Steve John Shepherd
David Isaac
Matt Lipsey and Matt Holt
Matt Tiller

The back-rooms of Manchester-based personal injury law firm Fox Cranford are gathering places for school-leavers, no-hopers and general misfits - and if they monkey around till lunch, its guerrilla warfare in the office till dinner.

Straight out of school, and into a job they don't want, Darrel, Kenny, Asif, Shelley and Tania are going nowhere fast. Looked down on by the solicitors they work for, they face constant criticism from Gloria Stevens, once their supervisor and now PA to the company's owner.

Bored senseless for eight hours a day, the post room gang fill their time fighting, flirting, winding each other up and generally causing mayhem whilst dodging disciplinary action and the occasional irate client. Their adventures also include an office sleepover, ghosts, tramps and a serious case of fatal attraction!

Mike Cranford is the firm's owner. As far as Gloria is concerned, he is the glamour and power of the law courts personified. She's delighted to be made his PA in Series 2, despite her lack of professionalism, leaving the teenage wasters in the post room in the hands of Tania. Meanwhile, hotshot solicitor Charlie is the office slimeball after his treatment of the new post room supervisor during Series 1...

Production Details

Production companies
Also known as
  • Admin (Pilot)
The theme tune was written by Sheffield-based band Little Man Tate.
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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Monday 12th May 2008 on BBC Three at 11pm
Last new broadcast
Thursday 10th March 2011 on BBC Three at 10:30pm
Length of episodes
30 minutes
Last repeat
Saturday 12th March 2011 at 2:20am

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