Jon Holmes.

Jon Holmes' Answers Time

BBC Local Radio comedy hosted by Jon Holmes. 1 pilot in 2019. Stars Jon Holmes, Jake Yapp, Alex Lowe, Ruth Bratt and Alex Sievewright.

Jon Holmes' Answers Time

Jon Holmes hosts a spoof political chat show for BBC Radio Kent

BBC Local Radio
1 Pilot
Jon Holmes, Jake Yapp, Alex Lowe, Ruth Bratt and Alex Sievewright
Nick Minter

The spirit of Question Time is invoked and then given a right kicking.

We're over experts, Michael Gove said so, so take the politicians, pundits and people who know what they're talking about away, and replace them with individuals who haven't got a clue - putting the world to rights as they debate the balls off the myriad subjects that are, frankly un-debatable.

Should rainbows be banned? Would Britain be better off without tunnels? Are birds well past their sell-by date? Should we ban teeth and call for an amnesty whereby people can hand their mouths in at police stations, no questions asked?

Jon Holmes gives it both barrels of Dimbleby as character comics Jake Yapp, Alex Lowe, Ruth Bratt and special guests all line-up to argue the toss.

Production Details

Production company
Laugh track
Live audience

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Saturday 5th January 2019 on BBC Local Radio at 1am
Episode length
30 minutes