Image shows from L to R: Jamie Deeks, Dan Johnston, Jack Brough, Ewen MacIntosh.

Navelgazing Presents...

Dave sketch show. 7 episodes (1 series) in 2011. Stars Jack Brough, Jamie Deeks, Dan Johnston, Ewen MacIntosh, Karen Hayley and Susy Kane.

Navelgazing Presents...

Short five minute sketches from the Navelgazing comedy group, airing on Dave TV

Sketch Show
7   (1 series)
Jack Brough, Jamie Deeks, Dan Johnston, Ewen MacIntosh, Karen Hayley and Susy Kane
Jack Brough, Jamie Deeks, Dan Johnston and Ewen MacIntosh
Jamie Deeks
Jack Brough and Dan Johnston

Downsize. Bite-size. Mirco media. Everything these days is getting smaller and more concentrated. And comedy is no different. While we're still waiting for someone to invent something that distils the all the flavour of a chicken korma and a pint of lager into one handy pill, the comedy team behind the BAFTA-nominated Toyboize have come up with a seven-episode series that provides short, sharp blasts of comedy.

What this micro sketch show provides in five-minute bursts include satirical sports news parodies, satirical sofa-based magazine shows and satirical audience reply shows. Riots at Wimbledon, disgraced Olympic swimmers, kennels for men, rude Songs Of Praise... it's all here in this boiled-down comedy format. As is Porn For Dogs.

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First broadcast
Monday 13th June 2011 on Dave at 11pm
Last new broadcast
Sunday 19th June 2011 on Dave at 11pm

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