La La Land. Image shows from L to R: Gary Garner (Marc Wootton), Brendan Allen (Marc Wootton), Shirley Ghostman (Marc Wootton). Copyright: Showtime / Fooling Nobody.

La La Land

BBC Three sketch show. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2010. Stars Marc Wootton and Julian Barratt.

La La Land

A prank comedy/reality show starring Marc Wootton. Made for US TV, but also broadcast in Britain via BBC Three

Sketch Show
BBC Three
6   (1 series)
Marc Wootton and Julian Barratt
Paul Garner
Misha Manson-Smith
Alexandra Reed, Misha Manson-Smith, Charlie Siskel and Marc Wootton

Marc Wootton plays three characters placed in real situations with real people in this comedy/reality show.

The characters are all wannabes struggling to find fame and fortune in Los Angeles. There's Brendan, an aspiring documentary maker; Shirley Ghostman, a professional psychic; and Gary, a charismatic East-London cab driver who is determined to launch a new career in Hollywood as an actor.

La La Land is a hidden camera mockumentary in which Wootton plays fictitious characters but everybody else in the show, including his accomplices such as Kiki (Brendan's assistant), Chico (Shirley's driver) and Ruta (Gary's mentor), are completely real and unaware they are talking to an actor.

The show was originally broadcast on the Showtime Network in the US, but an adapted UK version (with a voiceover by Julian Barratt) has been made for the UK market.

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