Treasure Hunt. Image shows left to right: Hercules Ryall (Jimmy Edwards), Consuelo (Athene Seyler). Credit: STUDIOCANAL
Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

  • 1952 film

Short of money, the owners of Ballyroden Hall attempt to run it as a guest house - but not everyone is happy about the plan. Stars Jimmy Edwards, Martita Hunt, Naunton Wayne, Athene Seyler, June Clyde and more.

Treasure Hunt. Image shows left to right: Mary O'Leary (Susan Stephen), Aunt Anna Rose Ryall (Martita Hunt), Sir Phillip Ryall (Brian Worth). Credit: STUDIOCANAL

Key details

Jimmy Edwards, Martita Hunt, Naunton Wayne, Athene Seyler, June Clyde, Miles Malleson, Susan Stephen, Brian Worth and more
M.J. Farrell, John Perry and Anatole De Grunwald
John Paddy Carstairs
Anatole De Grunwald and Jack Clayton

Upon the death of Irish aristocrat Sir Roderick, his children Hercules, Consuelo and Anna Rose, and grandson Sir Phillip, learn that his generosity and exuberance have not been matched with a similar income and, as a consequence, they have almost nothing but their country home and its contents.

As heir to the estate and titles of Ballyroden, Phillip is forced to think the unthinkable and - much to Uncle Hercules, Aunt Consuelo and the staff's protestations - sets about opening the house as a high-end boarding house for fee-paying guests. The delightfully eccentric and imaginative Aunt Anna Rose, however, is thrilled at the idea: particularly if they can attract some Americans!

Sure enough, placing advertisements in a number of society publications across the United Kingdom and Ireland soon attracts their first guests: a wealthy American woman named Dorothy; her adult daughter, Yvonne; and English brother-in-law, Eustace. Hercules and Consuelo do their best to sabotage the endeavour, but Phillip's down-to-earth nature, friendliness and politeness convinces the trio to stay.

Meanwhile, Anna Rose is sure that she remembers secreting a not inconsiderable collection of rubies, gifted to her by her late husband, somewhere in the house. If only she could focus for long enough to recall exactly where, the family might well be able to pay their various creditors. That's if Hercules doesn't lose the house's entire contents on a horse first...!

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There is a ready-made audience of millions waiting to laugh with...
UK certificate
79 minutes

Independent Film Distributors

Camera set-up
Single camera
Black and white

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  • Warner Bros. First National Studios

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