BBC Three and BBC Two sitcom. 7 episodes (pilot + 1 series), 2002 - 2004.


Comedy about a 'West Country direct action group within the growing anti-capitalist movement'

2002 - 2004
BBC Three, BBC Two
7   (1 pilot + 1 series)

Eco-warriors Cyderdelic are a radical trio with an anarchic agenda. A BBC crew followed Beetle Smith, Su Long and Frogger on the road in their 'Ambience' - a converted ambulance - in their quest to spread their revolutionary message to anyone who'll listen.

Our intrepid trio are inept but well-meaning DJs who take their music and protests wherever they can. Hailing from the West Country they attend live events - both here and abroad, picket with animal rights activists and generally take their views to the people. Their manifesto includes helping Hamburgler in his attempt to defeat Ronald McDonald's plan to take over the world with their slogans 'overthrow capitalism and replace it with something nicer', 'cut the traffic, not the trees' and 'make people realise that most women and foreigners can be as good as men'.

From recording a charity record with Dave Stewart and a band of refugees to leading the Berlin Love Parade on their extravagant float and performing at the Glastonbury music festival, Cyderdelic's dedication and passion shows they will stop at nothing to get themselves heard. Things however, do not always go to plan.

Narrated by John Peel, this colourful and highly entertaining documentary takes us through the highs and lows of being well-meaning, raving (if a little naïve) anarchists in Britain today.

Production Details

The Revolution Will Be Televised
Production company
Laugh track

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Monday 7th January 2002 on BBC Two at 10pm
Last new broadcast
Monday 22nd March 2004 on BBC Three at 11pm
Length of episodes
30 minutes

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