The Manuscript. Image shows from L to R: Nick Hancock, Clive Anderson, Andi Osho, Andrew Maxwell. Copyright: TBI Media Productions.

The Manuscript

Absolute Radio panel show. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2013. Stars Nick Hancock.

The Manuscript

Panel show on Absolute Radio hosted by Nick Hancock

Panel Show
Absolute Radio
6   (1 series)
Nick Hancock

Panel show hosted by Nick Hancock.

The show, recorded in front of a live studio audience, aims to create the definitive handbook to being a 21st century man, inspired by topical news events and the potential pitfalls of modern manhood.

Panellists include Clive Anderson, Robin Ince, Andrew Maxwell, Andi Osho and Ian Stone.

Nick Hancock said: "The days of the strong but silent breadwinner are long gone. Now, a man must talk, and what's more, he must share his feelings...but should he ever cry? He needs to be strong, yet vulnerable, Daniel Craig rather than Roger can get so confusing, but now we're here to help".

This programme, which was also streamed online, was funded via a sponsorship partnership with the brand Just For Men.

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