What's Up Superdoc
What's Up Superdoc

What's Up Superdoc

  • 1978 film

Sex comedy about a doctor who discovers he is a very unlikely, and unwilling, celebrity. Stars Christopher Mitchell, Julia Goodman, Harry H. Corbett, Bill Pertwee, Chic Murray and more.

What's Up Superdoc. Image shows from L to R: Goodwin (Harry H. Corbett), Dr. Robert Todd (Christopher Mitchell)

Key details

Christopher Mitchell, Julia Goodman, Harry H. Corbett, Bill Pertwee, Chic Murray, Angela Grant, Hughie Green, Ronnie Brody and more
Derek Ford
Derek Ford
Michael L. Green

He may have a string of fans amongst his patients already, but small-town doctor Robert Todd is in for a big surprise when a female doctor, Annabel Leith, calls to see him.

This isn't quite the average catch-up between colleagues: Dr Leith is a fertility specialist bearing news that's about to change his life forever: back at medical school, he took part in an artificial insemination study from which his samples have become legendary across the land. Notorious in the profession for a 100% male outcome, it seems he's already fathered 837 children - and now Leith and her colleagues want more!

Although not initially keen, Robert's more than a little attracted to both Annabel's looks and her intelligence, and, hoping for a romantic date, is soon persuaded to attend her clinic and assist. She seems similarly attracted to him, but refuses any of his advances on ethical grounds. However, her procedure does not go entirely to plan, and it's not long before the press have got hold of the remarkable story - and all the details of the unwitting donor's identity!

Almost immediately finding himself mobbed by hordes of screaming women (and a few men) wherever he goes, Annabel arranges for Robert to go into hiding, and assigns him an ex-military man, Goodwin, for protection. But, as ever, it very quickly proves that there are more hiccups along the way, and more and more parties interested in what he has to offer...

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Also known as
  • What's Up Superdoc!
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Single camera

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  • Molinare Studios - Studios
  • London and Surrey - Locations

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