The Naughty Room.

The Naughty Room

BBC Four comedy drama. 1 episode in 2012. Stars David Egan, Cosmo Jarvis, Tom Hannaford, Anita Scrivener and Catriona McDougall.

The Naughty Room

75 minute black comedy drama about a 20 year old imprisoned in the family bathroom. Addresses adult themes including drugs and child abuse

Comedy Drama
BBC Four
David Egan, Cosmo Jarvis, Tom Hannaford, Anita Scrivener and Catriona McDougall
Cosmo Jarvis
Cosmo Jarvis
Cosmo Jarvis

The Naughty Room is a black comedy dealing with child abuse, drug abuse, adolescent masturbation, self pity, heart-ache, redemption and how to dispose of a soiled sock if you happen to be locked inside of a bathroom.

After the death of his father 21 year old Subaru spends life smoking drugs thinking that life is too short to do anything with, refusing to find work, help his single mother or leave home.

Todd, also 20, would love to leave home but the trouble is he can't as he's been imprisoned in the family bathroom since childhood by his deranged mother who blames him for killing her husband.

After alienating himself from everyone he knows on a path of mindless self destruction, including his mother, a strange incident involving a soiled sock bring Subaru and Todd together. They embark on a journey of self discovery bringing heart-ache and redemption.

Production Details

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Monday 20th August 2012 on BBC Four at 10pm
Episode length
75 minutes
Last repeat
Thursday 23rd August 2012 at 12:00am