Sarah Millican: Thoroughly Modern Millican Live. Sarah Millican. Copyright: Chopsy Productions.

Elephant In The Room

radio panel show project which was not made. Stars Sarah Millican.

This comedy has never been broadcast.

Elephant In The Room

Sarah Millican hosts this Radio 4 panel show pilot

Panel Show
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BBC Radio 4
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Sarah Millican

Radio 4 stalwart and 'People's Queen of Comedy' Sarah Millican hosts a brand new radio panel show for BBC Radio 4.

Elephant In The Room uses surveys on all subjects from childhood to work to daily rituals to cheese, as we work out who is the closest to, and furthest from, the national average - the most 'average Jolene or Joe'. Sarah will be asking our panellists questions like: age at which you had your first kiss, cheese preference, film you've watched the most times, and so on. The winner will be the most average. But joint winner will be the most different, the furthest from the norm.

Join Sarah and an excellent line up of panellists (three champion women and one smashing male).

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