The Harry Hill Movie. Image shows from L to R: Nan (Julie Walters), Harry Hill (Harry Hill). Copyright: Lucky Features.

The Harry Hill Movie

The Harry Hill Movie. Image shows from L to R: Harry Hill (Harry Hill), Nan (Julie Walters). Copyright: Lucky Features.

The Harry Hill Movie

Film in which Harry Hill ventures across country with his Nan and their sick hamster

Harry Hill, Julie Walters, Matt Lucas, Simon Bird, Sheridan Smith, Guillaume Delaunay, Marc Wootton, Julian Barratt and others
Harry Hill, Jon Foster and James Lamont
Steve Bendelack
Robert Jones, Andy Stebbing, Nigel Green, Trevor Green and Harry Hill

What would you do if you thought your hamster only had a week to live, your chickens are attacking you with machine guns, and your Nan is just not giving you the space to spread your wings?

When Harry and his petrol drinking Nan discover their hamster is seriously ill they set off on a road trip to Blackpool pursued by a lunatic vet.

Along the way, Harry falls in love with an undersea shell person, witnesses canine superstars The Dachsund Five, and meets indie rock band The Magic Numbers - who run a B'n'B. It all culminates in a fight on top of The Blackpool Tower.

Who could be behind it all? Could it be Harry's evil twin Otto, who was separated from Harry as a child and brought up by alsatians?

Based on a 'true story', it's all singing, all dancing family entertainment from the big collared loon himself.

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