Breaking The Bank. Image shows from L to R: Charles Bunbury (Kelsey Grammer), Richard Grinding (John Michael Higgins).

Breaking The Bank

Breaking The Bank. Image shows from L to R: Charles Bunbury (Kelsey Grammer), Oscar (Pearce Quigley).

Breaking The Bank

Comedy about a bumbling bank chairman's attempts to rescue his bank

Kelsey Grammer, Tamsin Greig, John Michael Higgins, Mathew Horne, Pearce Quigley, Danny Morgan, Julie Dray, Sonya Cassidy and others
Roger Devlin
Vadim Jean
Jake Seal and Roger Devlin

Charles Bunbury is the bumbling, affable chairman of two hundred year old private bank, Tufton's. The only problem is, he knows nothing about banking...

Discovering that a rogue trader has left Tufton's skating on thin ice, and with rival American and Japanese banks circling like sharks, he needs to be like a wolf of Wall Street; unfortunately, Charles is more the Labrador of Liverpool Street. So when he puts everything on the line in a risky attempt to secure Tufton's future, he ends up breaking the bank, losing his wife Penelope's family fortune - and her in the process.

At rock bottom, Charles's only hope of saving the bank and winning Penelope back, is a homeless, self trained financial wizard Oscar, the faint possibility of help from his estranged, anti-capitalist daughter, Annabel and his dog, Taxi... It's not much of a team. And they don't have much of a plan. So it's probably just as well that Charles doesn't understand how shorting and hedging might win him the day. But then again, he never did.

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