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The Cabbage Patch

ITV sitcom about a wife and mother. 7 episodes (1 series) in 1983. Stars Julia Foster, Betty Marsden, Emlyn Price, Natasha Byrne and Belinda Lang.

The Cabbage Patch

Mother of two, Janet, has to contend with an harassed husband, an appalling mother and a life that revolves around one domestic crisis after another

7   (1 series)
Julia Foster, Betty Marsden, Emlyn Price, Natasha Byrne and Belinda Lang
Joan Greening
Shaun O'Riordan and Paul Harrison
Shaun O'Riordan

A view of family life from one key perspective - the mother's/wife's.

The Cabbage Patch focuses on Janet, a suburban housewife who, at the age of 36, has allowed herself to go to seed and is maniacal in the easily distracted, bad-tempered way that she deals with her domestic strife. Young daughters Kate and Elizabeth, while not uniquely problematic, cause her plenty of turmoil, and husband Tony's work in computers affords him the right, he thinks, to loll about at the house in a 'notice-me!' kind of way.

Janet also has to endure her friends Ruth and Susie, who consider themselves superior, and her meddlesome mother, Lillian, whose idea of encouragement is to suggest that her daughter quit the scene and marry somebody else.

Production Details

Production company
Laugh track
Live audience

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Friday 29th July 1983 on ITV at 8:30pm
Last new broadcast
Friday 9th September 1983 on ITV at 8:30pm
Length of episodes
25 minutes

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