Keep Fit. Image shows from L to R: Joan Allen (Kay Walsh), George Green (George Formby)
Keep Fit

Keep Fit

  • 1938 film

Comedy following a romantic rivalry that gets caught up between two warring newspapers' health drive. Stars George Formby, Kay Walsh, Guy Middleton, George Benson, Gus McNaughton and more.

Keep Fit. Image shows from L to R: Hector Kent (Guy Middleton), Joan Allen (Kay Walsh), George Green (George Formby). Copyright: Associated Talking Pictures

Key details

George Formby, Kay Walsh, Guy Middleton, George Benson, Gus McNaughton, Evelyn Roberts, Edmund Breon, Hal Walters and more
Anthony Kimmins and Austin Melford
Anthony Kimmins and Austin Melford
Basil Dean

Mild-mannered George Green works as a barber's assistant at a large department store, where he longs from afar for his colleague, manicurist Joan Allen. To his frustration, she's already seeing one of their colleagues - gruff, arrogant bully-boy Hector Kent.

The two local newspapers - the Echo and the Gazette - are, meanwhile, locked in a sales and promotions war. Following the latest round of tricks between the two publications, a fitness campaign and contest is launched, designed to pull in as much interest as possible.

Unfortunately for George, managers at his store are keen to get in on the publicity by putting as many members of staff up to compete as possible. Conscious of his own thin frame, George wishes he could take part - and is eventually tricked into doing so, on the thought of taking on Kent and impressing Miss Allen!

Predictably, the gambit backfires on poor George, who is poised to become a laughing stock until a freak confrontation on the street sees Hector knocked out cold on the floor! Vying for revenge, he challenges Green to a formal rematch - and this time both newspapers smell money in the air.

Assisted by friend Ernie, George begins training hard. If he does well, he's sure to win the heart of Joan in the process.

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Additional details

UK certificate
78 minutes
UK release
Monday 28th February 1938

Associated British Film Distribution

Camera set-up
Single camera
Black and white

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All previous repeats
  • Thursday 12th January 2023 at 3:10pm on TPTV

Recording details

  • A.T.P. Studios

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