The Ministry Of Curious Stuff. Image shows from L to R: Miss Wannamaker (Rhyanna Alexander-Davis), Mr Frazernagle (Jack Carroll), Captain Length-Width (Dan Skinner), Mr Reeves (Vic Reeves), Miss Teaparty (Beth Rylance), Mr Lovett (Tyger Drew-Honey). Copyright: BBC.

The Ministry Of Curious Stuff

CBBC sketch show. 26 episodes (2 series), 2012 - 2013. Stars Vic Reeves, Victoria Elliott, Dan Skinner, Jack Carroll, Tyger Drew-Honey, Beth Rylance, Rhyanna Alexander-Davis and others.

The Ministry Of Curious Stuff

Vic Reeves and a team of comedy characters answer questions posed by CBBC viewers - no matter how weird or wonderful those questions may be

Sketch Show
2012 - 2013
26   (2 series)
Vic Reeves, Victoria Elliott, Dan Skinner, Jack Carroll, Tyger Drew-Honey, Beth Rylance, Rhyanna Alexander-Davis, Joe West and others
Steven Burge and George Sawyer
Jeanette Goulbourn
Rob Hyde, Ruth Mills, Catherine Patterson and Caroline Clark

Mysteries will be solved and questions answered when viewers enter Vic Reeves' The Ministry Of Curious Stuff - a CBBC factual comedy sketch show.

Written by and Steve Burge and George Sawyer, the programme is set in The Ministry of Curious Stuff - a fantastical depository of information, and occasional misinformation, run by Vic and his inquisitive and extraordinary team of researchers.

Each episode sees the team answering three questions posed by CBBC viewers, launching a fact-finding mission full of sketches, songs, animations and Vic's unique flights of fancy. Will dinosaurs ever come back? Can you dance in space? Can you marry a house? Only Vic and his team have the answers...

Vic is joined by his able team of researchers - Captain Lengthwidth, Mr Frazernagle, Mr Lovett, Miss Tea Party and Miss Wannamaker - to answer viewers' questions and to prove that sometimes the voyage of discovery is just as fascinating as the final answer.

Jamie Rea, Executive Producer for CBBC, says: "Vic is one of Britain's most admired and influential comedians, renowned for his surreal sense of humour and comic imagination, and we've been really fortunate that he has been so involved in the writing and development of the series.

"It's a really big production, with a lavish set, and lots of comedy sketches, songs and animations of the kind usually associated with comedy for adults. It's another show that proves that CBBC doesn't patronize its audience - and the result is a programme that will hopefully help you discover some amazing facts whilst making you laugh out loud, whatever your age."

Production Details

Production company
Laugh track
Live audience

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Monday 9th January 2012 on CBBC at 5:45pm
Last new broadcast
Sunday 31st March 2013 on CBBC at 11am
Last repeat
Sunday 1st December 2013 at 6:30pm

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