Detectorists. Image shows from L to R: Lance Stater (Toby Jones), Andy Stone (Mackenzie Crook). Copyright: BBC.


BBC Four sitcom about treasure hunters. 19 episodes (3 series), 2014 - 2017. Stars Mackenzie Crook, Toby Jones, Rachael Stirling, Gerard Horan and others.

Detectorists. Image shows from L to R: Lance Stater (Toby Jones), Andy Stone (Mackenzie Crook). Copyright: BBC.


Sitcom about metal detecting enthusiasts. Stars Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones

2014 - 2017
BBC Four
19   (3 series)
Mackenzie Crook, Toby Jones, Rachael Stirling, Gerard Horan, Pearce Quigley, Divian Ladwa, Laura Checkley, Orion Ben and others
Mackenzie Crook
Mackenzie Crook
Adam Tandy, Gill Isles, Kristian Smith, Jonno Richards, Lisa Thomas, Alan Marke, Jim Reid and Alex Moody

Detectorists follows the relationship between two friends who share a passion for metal detecting.

When Andy and Lance are together, they're like an old married couple. They gripe at each other, but there is a true bond underneath. Each has their own slightly dysfunctional lives but together they dream of finding a priceless Saxon hoard that will cement their place in detecting history.

Helping them along the way is a delightfully quirky crowd of characters who are drawn to this all-absorbing hobby.

Across the first six episodes greed, betrayal, rejection and, finally redemption are all played out as the boys and their eccentric friends at the Danbury Metal Detecting Club search for that one big find.

Series 2 starts a whole year on. Lance is lovelorn after the departure of his ex-wife, but just maybe he is about to surprise everybody with a new relationship...

Meanwhile, Andy and his wife Becky are now proud parents, facing all the responsibilities that brings, but despite qualifying as an archaeologist, Andy is still mostly unemployed and their shared hopes for the future look further off than ever.

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Also known as
  • The Detectors (Working title)
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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Thursday 2nd October 2014 on BBC Four at 10pm
Last new broadcast
Wednesday 13th December 2017 on BBC Four at 10pm
Length of episodes
30 minutes
Last repeat
Wednesday 26th December 2018 at 10:00pm

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