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Detectorists. Image shows from L to R: Russell (Pearce Quigley), Varde (Orion Ben), Louise (Laura Checkley), Lance Stater (Toby Jones), Andy Stone (Mackenzie Crook), Terry (Gerard Horan), Sophie (Aimee-Ffion Edwards), Hugh (Divian Ladwa). Copyright: Channel X / Lola Entertainment.


BBC Four sitcom about treasure hunters. 13 episodes (2 series), 2014 - 2015. Stars Mackenzie Crook, Toby Jones, Rachael Stirling, Aimee-Ffion Edwards and others.

Another series is in development.

Press Clippings

Detectorists reviewed by an actual metal detectorist

I am a massive fan of the show. For the first time ever a TV show has captured the true UK detecting experience - good and bad.

Gary Blackwell, i Newspaper, 15th May 2017

Detectorists Series 3 confirmed

BBC Four has confirmed a third series of Detectorists, the sitcom about a group of treasure hunters written by and starring Mackenzie Crook.

British Comedy Guide, 31st March 2017

Mrs Brown's Boys named best sitcom since 2000

Mrs Brown's Boys has come top of the Radio Times poll to name the best British TV sitcom broadcast since the year 2000.

British Comedy Guide, 22nd August 2016

Radio Times launches a poll to name the best sitcom since 2000

Radio Times has launched a poll to name the best British TV sitcom broadcast since the year 2000. There are 40 shows in the shortlist.

British Comedy Guide, 19th July 2016

Detectorists won't be coming back this year

Fans of Detectorists, the Bafta-winning Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones BBC4 metal detecting comedy, may have a bit of a wait for a third series. Creator (and director) Crook is currently still thinking about making another chunk of the comedy.

Ben Dowell, Radio Times, 11th April 2016

Detectorists Series 2: A lesson in British pop culture

Detectorists can be enjoyed on many levels.

Everything I Know About The UK..., 7th April 2016

Detectorists... and now for something completely different

I highly recommend you give this show a chance - you will not regret it!

P. T. Jackson, TV Equals, 4th April 2016

Have I Got News For You wins special prize at Broadcast Awards

Have I Got News For You has won special recognition at the Broadcast Awards 2016. Catastrophe, Car Share and So Awkward were amongst the prize winners.

British Comedy Guide, 10th February 2016

How Gareth from The Office unearthed comedy gold

Detectorists isn't a laugh-out-loud show. It's bone-dry, punctuated by character-driven humour that sneaks up on the viewer. The punchlines land hardest when you least expect, such as the seemingly throwaway scene when Andy and Lance are offered lemonade by DMDC president Terry's airheaded wife.

Aaron Yap, The Spin Off (New Zealand), 26th January 2016

Without any fanfare or bluster, Mackenzie Crook's gentle, bucolic sitcom about a group of misfits searching for gold in the English countryside returned and quietly got on with the business of being the most exquisitely written and beautifully observed comedy of British TV. Of course, it's not really about the search for treasure, it's about finding value in lives and friendships and love and loss. Thankfully, it had both the script and the performances - from Crook himself as the amiable Andy, Toby Jones as his detectorist buddy Lance, and Rachel Stirling as Andy's long-suffering girlfriend Becky, to provide us with that in spades. Meanwhile the cinematography perfectly framed the ordinary in extraordinary ways and provided us with the sort of sitcom that you feel there should be more of. Heartwarming, poignant and, crucially, very, very funny indeed.

Barney Harsent, The Arts Desk, 31st December 2015

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