Anna & Katy. Image shows from L to R: Anna Crilly, Katy Wix. Copyright: Roughcut Television.

Anna & Katy

Channel 4 and E4 sketch show. 7 episodes (pilot + 1 series), 2011 - 2013. Stars Anna Crilly, Katy Wix, William Andrews, Sophie Black, Tom Bell, Fergus Craig, Jamie Demetriou and others.

Anna & Katy

Sketch show starring Anna Crilly and Katy Wix mainly focusing on pastiches of existing TV formats

Sketch Show
2011 - 2013
Channel 4, E4
7   (1 pilot + 1 series)
Anna Crilly, Katy Wix, William Andrews, Sophie Black, Tom Bell, Fergus Craig, Jamie Demetriou, Alex Lowe and others
Anna Crilly, Katy Wix, Paul Doolan, Jamie Demetriou, Laurence Rickard and Joe Wilkinson
Ed Bye
Jon Petrie and Ash Atalla

Anna & Katy stars acclaimed sketch double act Anna Crilly (Lead Balloon) and Katy Wix (Not Going Out) as they deliver their unique brand of character comedy via their self-titled sketch show.

Many of the sketches are daft pastiches of existing TV formats, such as Rice Britannia, an expertly observed parody of The Great British Bake-Off.

Other regular sketch formats include...

Daytime show Congratulation, where people write in to be congratulated for completing life's minor tasks such as signing up for internet banking.

The World's Most..., which pokes fun at those typical end of the year review programmes and the z-list celebs on them.

Various TV shows from Germany, which seem to have a link with UK formats. e.g. Kuntworts, which looks a bit like Countdown.

The Lane, a popular television soap which is sponsored by Vision Ultra Lenses and features heavy product placement as a result.

Ignition, a business reality show which follows employees of car wash company who haven't managed to wash a single car since opening.

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