Dead Man Weds. Gordon Garden (Dave Spikey). Copyright: Red Production Company.

Dead Man Weds

ITV sitcom about a local newspaper. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2005. Stars Dave Spikey and Johnny Vegas.

Dead Man Weds

Dark comedy series set in the world of local newspapers. Starring Dave Spikey

6   (1 series)
Dave Spikey and Johnny Vegas
Dave Spikey
Sarah Smith and Mark Elliot

Dark comedy series set in the world of local newspapers.

With headlines like 'Drunk Man Falls Over" and "Some Trains May Be Late", the Fogburrow Advertiser and News is never going to win major journalistic awards. But the new editor, Gordon Garden, is determined to shake up the small rural newspaper office.

Acting editor and all-round lazy slob Lewis Donat is furious at Gordon's appointment, convinced that the job should be his. Lewis's school of journalism involves going on a break as soon as he gets in, stealing stories from old piles of newspaper and getting the rest of the news from Joan at the cake shop. He does his best to make Gordon's new job as difficult as possible, including spreading rumours of Gordon's previous nervous breakdown and drink problems all through the village. Gordon is not to be dissuaded however, and he's soon given the rest of the FAN team - technophobe Gerry, foul-mouthed Carol and wannabe actor Duane - a new lease of life as they investigate genetic company Gene US.

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